Career Criminal Turned Ghost


GM Discretion


Markus on Austin

Austin was a mutual friend I met through Spence, he was our “third man” on the crew. The truth was that unlike myself, who stole out of necessity, or Spence, who stole for the thrill of it, Austin was a man who was overall accepting of the fact that he was just born a criminal. As he said often, “Everyone needs a job, right? Mine just happens to involve robbing people at gun point. No big deal.”

When the three of us were gunned down in the back of the New Babylon Cayman it was only Austin and me who apparently came back as ghosts. It’s funny how when you have all the time in the world the people you would never want to associate yourself with pretty much become your best friends. It never ceases to amaze me how Austin can be persuaded to tag along to do something, but granted when you’re a ghost it isn’t like you have anything better to do.

When it comes to his personal life Austin continues to keep pretty quiet, he never had any intention to explain anything, especially now that he is dead. But you just know there has to be some reason his ghost has stayed around.


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