Owner of the Classiest Cabaret in Town


The Vamp


Stat Faction
Blood 2 Mortality 1
Heart 1 Night 1
Mind 0 Power -1
Spirit -1 Wild 0


[ ] Shattered (-1 Blood)
[ ] Disfigured (-1 Heart)
[ ] Fractured (-1 Mind)
[ ] Broken (-1 Spirit)


Faint: [ ]
Grievous: [ ] [ ]
Critical: [ ] [ ]



X owes me ___ Debt(s) for ___________
I owe Jezebel McLaren three Debt(s) for catering to my youthful tastes and resolving a situation.
Jezebel McLaren owes me one Debt for seeking my help. Also in my web. Bitch.
Markus Rice owes me two Debt(s) for his wife being in my employ and care. In the web now.
Some Vampire NPC owes me one Debt(s) for turning me into a vampire.


[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

[ ] Take a Corruption move.
[ ] Take a Corruption move.
[ ] Take a Corruption move.
[ ] Take a Corruption move from another archetype.
[ ] Retire your character. They may return as a threat.


(Vamp) Drama Moves

Vamp Corruption Move
When you feed on an unwilling victim, mark corruption.

Intimacy Move
When you share a moment of intimacy – physical or emotional – with another person, tell them a secret about yourself or owe them a Debt. Either way, they enter your Web and owe you a Debt.

End Move
When you die or retire your character, name someone in the scene you want dead; your agents and allies relentlessly pursue them.

Vamp Moves

Eternal Hunger: You hunger for human blood, flesh, or emotions, pick one. When you feed, roll with Blood. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:

» You heal 1-harm

» You learn a secret about them

» You take +1 forward

» They don’t die

On a miss, something goes terribly wrong.

Cold-blooded: When you Keep Your Cool under emotional duress, roll with Blood instead of Spirit.

Keep Your Friends Close: When you Figure Someone Out by indulging their vices, roll with Blood instead of Mind.

Corruption Moves

Empty…for now.


A Secluded Apartment
A Comfortable Car
A Smart Phone

And a stylish Sword (3-harm hand messy)


Record taken archetype advances here.

Personal Details



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