Det. James Hayes

The Last Good Cop in New Babylon


GM Discretion


Markus on Det. James Hayes

When I was alive and making my mark on the world one of the first things I learned about was the fact that the police were always on to us. Particularly it was this man, Det. Hayes, that insisted he was “hot on the trail” and was “looking to catch us any day now.” I wouldn’t say it was a friendly rivalry because after all he was looking to arrest us, and the crew was pretty dead set that if we ever saw him in the flesh we would gun him down.

But when I died, and had all that time in the world to do nothing one of the first things I sought to do was bother the man who was supposedly “on my tail” for so long. In that time I learned that he was a surprisingly good guy and was probably one of the last few cops who actually gave a shit in New Babylon. These days I spend some time out of my day keeping an eye on him, making sure he’s safe. He insists I’m just being a pain in his ass, but I know I’ve done my fair share to help him out, and in return he’s helped me.

We have a decent friendship going on.

Det. James Hayes

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