Markus Rice

Bank Robber Turned Vengeful Ghost


The Spectre

Stat Faction
Blood 1 Mortality -1 []
Heart 0 Night 2 []
Mind -1 Power 0 []
Spirit 2 Wild 1 []


[ ] Shattered (-1 Blood)
[ ] Disfigured (-1 Heart)
[ ] Fractured (-1 Mind)
[ ] Broken (-1 Spirit)


Faint: [ ]
Grievous: [ ] [ ]
Critical: [ ] [ ]

Armour: 1


  • Jezebel owes me one favor because her and that psychotic hose beast Miss Edith are responsible for my death.
  • Jezebel owes me a favor for a job I did that required making a scene to attract a sect of hunters. Actually this is somehow now Jezebel’s debt.
  • Rex owes me a favor for providing a distraction at the Slaughterhouse while he escaped.
  • I owe Jezebel a favor because she knows I’m a ghost but hasn’t told Miss Edith, who would drag me to hell were she aware.
  • I owe Cornelia a favor because she is ensuring my estranged wife has a steady job and providing for my kid.
  • I owe Cornelia another favor because she allows me to spend some “alone time” with Maria while I am invisible.
  • I owe Cornelia another debt for identifying Teofil, the rebel werewolf.
  • I owe James Hayes, a detective who used to investigate my crew, one favor because I’m haunting him. I am assuring he is protected while doing his job, being the one of the few good cops left in New Babylon.
  • I owe a debt to a Fae named Vulcan because he informed me that he stole my arms cache in an attempt to build a shrine to perform a bullet-proofing ritual.
  • I owe a vampire named Demetri for some information leading to some other vampires that are robbing blood banks in the same style as my old crew.


[X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ]

[ ] Take a Corruption move.
[ ] Take a Corruption move.
[ ] Take a Corruption move.
[ ] Take a Corruption move from another archetype.
[ ] Retire your character. They may return as a threat.


(Spectre) Drama Moves

Corrupting Move
When you witness a scene of victimization and do nothing, mark corruption.

Intimacy Move
When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, you hold 1. Whenever they get into trouble, you can spend your hold to be there.

End Move
When you fill up on harm, your corpus is scattered and dispersed. You’ll reform in a few days. When your spirit passes on permanently or you retire your character, any characters present gain +1 Spirit (max +3).

Spectre Moves

Won’t Be Ignored: When you get in the way of someone, treat your roll as a 10+ without rolling. If you distract an NPC, roll with Spirit instead of Mind.

Manifest: Regular people can’t sense or interact with you unless you manifest. You manifest by spending a few quiet moments concentrating and choosing 2:
*You can be heard
*You can be seen
*You can touch and be touched by the physical world
You may mark corruption to instead choose 1 or all 3.

Wall? What Wall?: You always have an opening to escape a situation. You can choose an additional option off the list to bring someone with you. On a miss, you attract the attention of dangerous spirits and ghosts in
the area.

Link: Something keeps you from passing on: a Link. When in the presence of your Link, advance let it out. When your Link is in danger, you have access to all your corruption moves until you see it to safety. If your Link is ever destroyed, so are you.

My Link Is: My 5-Year-Old Son, Peter.

Corruption Moves

I technically have no Corruption Moves, yet. But when my Link is in danger I have access to the following:

Possession: Mark corruption to enter the mind of a weak-minded person (MC’s call) in your presence and control their movements and speech for a short time.

Telekinesis: You can move and lift small objects at a distance by concentrating. Mark corruption to move an object up to the size of a car.

Nightmare: Mark corruption to enter the dreams of someone sleeping in your presence. While you’re there, you can interact with them and their dreams as if they were spirits.

Siphon: Mark corruption to reach into someone’s body, inflict 2-harm (ap) on them, and heal 1-harm of your corpus.


My “respawn” point is: the back alley behind the bank, near the dumpster.

.45 Handgun (2-harm, close, loud)
Bank Robbery Mask
Bloodstained 2-Piece Suit with random bullet holes in it.
Light Ballistic Vest (Armor 1)
Flip Phone (Razr)


Personal Details

Deameanor: Vengeful


On the goddamn ground, now.

So this was going to be how the world was going to remember me, as a goddamn felon. I definitely didn’t see that one coming. Many would blame it on the fact that I grew up on these streets, was taken from my drug addict mom, and was put through the foster system for most of my childhood life. But when I grew up I knew I wanted to be something more than just some street thug. I kept to myself, stayed in school, worked my ass off, and yeah I may have broke a couple rules but those were rules meant to specifically keep me down, to stop me from succeeding.

I walked away from New Bablyon Polytechnic with a Bachelor’s in Accounting, numbers was my life, and I was ready to live it. But no one was ready for a man of my imposing appearance to be doing the numbers in the end one place decided that although they didn’t need another accountant they could use someone of my build down in shipping counting inventory. It was a shit job, with shit pay, but I needed the money.

And it was around this time I met her. She was beautiful, she was funny, she was everything I was looking for in a woman. Her name was Maria, I put a ring on her as soon as I could scrounge enough to make it so. About a year later we were living the family life, kid, loving home, everything one could need from a 2 bedroom apartment.

But it wouldn’t last for long, I lost my job, “cutbacks” they said. It wasn’t soon enough that it seemed like were going to be thrown out on the streets, and that was when an old friend came back. Spence was an old college buddy, remember when I told you about some of that “rule breaking” back in college? Well, it was mostly him being the instigating enabler that he is. He showed up and just like that he was filling my head with nonsense about how just “one big job” could set us for life, never worrying about money again, he just needed to hear I was in. There was 4 of us, we mostly robbed banks, we were pretty good at it. Maria never questioned where the money came from and I didn’t have the heart to tell her how, Peter was just happy his mom and dad never argued about money again.

And then one day Spence told me he had a “big job” on line, “too sweet to turn away”, but that he couldn’t talk to the contact himself, he needed me too. This was the first day I met Jezebeth, she told me that her “contact” was interested in an object locked away in a security deposit box in the Grand Cayman Bank of New Babylon. She insisted it was an easy job, get in, break in, grab it, get out, and get paid.

The job didn’t go according to plan from the start, as Spence, Austin, and I ran out of the bank, duffle bag in tow, heading for the getaway we were caught by surprise. All three of us were gunned down, I couldn’t even tell you who they were. Yeah you’d think they were cops but it’s all flashes at this point. Hell I don’t even remember what it was I took out of that deposit box.

I felt like I was asleep forever, and when I woke up I was in the same place that I died, and Austin was there with me. And that’s pretty much been my afterlife since.

Markus Rice

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