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Markus on Peter

If there is one thing that I hope the world understood about me when I died, it was that every horrible thing I ever did the moment Spence talked me into robbing, I did for my son. Ever since the day my wife gave birth to him and I held him in my arms I knew I would do everything in my power to ensure that nothing bad ever happened to him. When I lost my job in shipping, and the arguments started with Maria, one of the things that made me feel the worse was the look of worry on Peter’s face as he asked me, “Are you and mommy getting a divorce?”

The hardest part about being a dead man has been letting go of my son, I love him too much. Don’t get me wrong I still love his mother as well, though my feelings for her drift away more and more every day. But the feeling of paternal love that I have for my son seems never-ending and one of the few sources of power I truly have.

No, I’m serious, when I have feeling that my son is danger I can feel my power increase and I feel that I can pervert the rules of the natural world. Sure, there may be a cost to that, but no cost is worth more than the safety of my son.

And in the end, that’s all I really want for him. I just want him to be safe.

Peter Rice

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