The Dead Best Friend


GM Discretion


Markus on Spence

Spence and I go back to the day at New Babylon Polytechnic, I don’t really remember how I met him I just remember there was a day I was studying and this guy kind of just sat in the chair across from mine and said, “I heard you were having a problem paying your tuition.”

Contrary to what most people would think Spence never had a money problem, that asshole was born into money. No, what was wrong with Spence was that he was always bored with life and was always thinking of a way to “make it interesting.” More often times than not that way involved breaking the law, and most of the time I was there because he talked me into it.

One of the reasons I was so happy to graduate from college was to get away from him, don’t get me wrong he’s a good friend but he’s just too dangerous to be around.

But years later Spence would drift back into my life and talk me into becoming a bank robber. In the end, when we were gunned down, Spence was the first to get it. But unusually enough, unlike Austin and I, he didn’t come back.

But I still insist he’s out there, somewhere, men like Spence don’t stay dead for long.


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