Urban Shadows

Shall we begin

Insert nice setting description once it is reasonable

This not in its design a complex game there are no tables to look through no races to choose from no archetypes to look at. Well that is not entirely true but it is much simpler than most we play. Roll 2d6 + one of 4 stats and see how things go wrong.
Character creation is simple:
1. Pick an architype
2. Follow the 3-6 steps on the sheet
3. Exchange debts (favours owned, promises made and sometimes promises broken)
4. Fill in some biographical details
And that is it linked with the fact upon a character’s death a special move is used and a HP of 5 (a 9mm does 2 damage), gives you an indication of the game style if you take to fighting, people are going to die and it may be you. So keep your friends close and your enimimies closer.

The game is split in to 4 separate factions:
Mortals: Those who have gotton involve in a world darker then they thought possible:
• The Aware just heading in to this strange new world, starting to investage just how it works.
• The Hunter you know how it works bad things exist and you kill them (bear in mind that you are mortal)
• The Veteran, you know how it worked, and are now being dragged back in to a world you tried to leave behind and now these new bastards are dragging you back in. You are defiantly too old for this mess.
Night: Things that go bump in the night:
• Immortal un-killable able to see any one and get through any defence only one problem you are a Spectre, so Banquo why are you still here?
• Drawing people in to mutual dependant relationships, being faster able to heal better and influencing the mind of lesser creatures. Only one problem you are a parasite that feeds of people but then again Vampires are so cool (and anyone makes a sparkly one and I will have you dead by the end of the session).
• Powerful a regaining fire, when the moon comes up able to take down anything that comes if only problems would be nice enough to stick to the lunar cycle such is the burden of the Werewolf.
Power: With great power comes great responsibility
• The Oracle if you can see the future and try to alter it is that better than the future you know.
• The Wizard able to throw people across the room drag their heats from their chests and find them in the city, until sniper bullet passed through your skull try not to annoy every one.
The wild: You know what you thought was normal this is not it:
• Not quite mortal deffinly not normal what a Fae flees from and what it brings to the table is very much up to the Fae but you like these punny humans now if only you could find a way back home and not die when you arrive.
• The Tainted, not quite dealing with the devil but those that deal with the devil may deal with you (Currently taken)
• Apart from that most of the mythonies we will back up as we go along I hope that you can all join me on Saturday 22:00 GTM

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