Rex Profeta

Investigator Extraordinaire


Name: Rex Profeta
Appearance:White Male, Business Casual Clothing/Everyday Clothing

Characteristics: Blood 1, Heart 1, Mind 1, Spirit 0
Factions: Mortality 1 (-), Night 1(-), Power 0(x), Wild 0 (-)

Gear: Simple apartment, decent car, smartphone
Snub-nosed revolver (2-harm close loud reload concealable)

Debts: The mayor told me their secrets and I haven’t told anyone
about them yet. They owe me 2 Debts.
Cheats thinks he’s protecting me, but it’s really more like
I’m protecting him. We owe each other a Debt.
I’m leveraging dirt you have on Cannon to get his help with
something. I owe him a Debt.
Hicks helped me escape a dangerous situation. I owe Hicks a debt.

Aware Moves: Snoop, Did Your Homework, I Know A Guy


Rex Profeta

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